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Our Legal Attorneys

Robert Morrison

Senior Advocate

“Robert is the founder of Robert Morrison Law Firm after having worked with Kennedy & Associates in 1985. In October 2008, Robert resigned and start his firm Robert Morrison Law Firm ”

Robert Morrison Senior Advocate

Stephen G Peterson

Business Lawyer

“Stephen G Peterson is an international lawyer with 12 years experience working on high-profile cases in emerging markets. ”

Stephen G PetersonBusiness Lawyer

Sarah Frederick

Criminal Defense

“Sarah Frederick is an Associate in the Scotland office. Seth specializes in Scotland domestic and international corporate, securities and tax law. ”

Sarah Frederick Criminal Defense

Jack Smith

Insurance Lawyer

“Practicing law runs deep through Jack’s family tree. As a fourth-generation lawyer with over 10 years of legal practice under his belt. Jack has an impressive range of expertise in… ”

Jack Smith Insurance Lawyer

Berny Anderson

Legal Clerk (Property)

“Berny is well-practiced in multiple aspects of law thanks to her longevity in the industry [starting around 1998]. From trusts and wills to environmental law and conveyancing, personal secretary, sole… ”

Berny Anderson Legal Clerk (Property)

Maria Butler

Legal Executive (Property)

“Marian's youthful appearance belies the fact that she is officially a “Nana”. She claims looking after her grandchildren and spending time with them is the best fun out there. Equally…. ”

Maria ButlerLegal Executive (Property)

Peter E. Federick

Associate - Estates Planning & Administration

“Peter E. Federick is the powerhouse team leader of our Asset Planning & Estate team. Believe it or not, one Will does not suit all circumstances. At Robert Morrison Law Firm, Peter focuse. ”

Peter E. Federick Associate - Estates Planning & Administration

Linda Smith

Reception / Office Administrator

“Linda is originally a Southland girl who relocated in 2019 having holidayed in the area for 40+ years. She has worked in a legal office since 1996 and…… ”

Linda Smith Reception / Office Administrator

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